Efter 6 månaders med PCI-arbete (Certifiering för hantering utav kreditkortsdata) så har jag äntligen blivit klar med den för 2020. Nu kan man äntligen sova gott och göra roligare saker.

Men först - semester!

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So I finally took the time to take a walk in the middle of the night.
I was out between 23 and 3 AM.
It was'nt dark at all - one of the perks of living in Sweden. And it never went below 23 degrees either.

It was nice

sommar, sol och öl på kontoret - nice

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I have written a post about my first impression of the Pinebook Pro:


Feedback welcome!
Ofcourse, I am going to post more about the Pinebbok Pro in the future, so check out @jselea :blobeyes:

Fått notifiering att min Pinebook Pro har skickats - ÄR JAG EXHALTERAD!?

Tur att man har Pokemon Go när man är ute och traskar, så får man något tillbaka när man går :)

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Everyone receiving their #PinebookPro laptops:

It appears that the factory has left the WiFi privacy switches turned ON. (WiFi disabled) 🤦‍♂️

To enable WiFi you'll need to disengage the privacy switch: wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

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Isn't it funny how within 24h the approach to #Keybase changed from "it's secure and awesomesauce, use it for everything!!1!" to "I just use it to share stuff but warn users not to do sensitive stuff there"?

No, actually it's not funny. Because it keeps happening:

1. a new shiny startup does X in an open source but centralized way
2. a lot of "experts" saying how great it is; some greybeards warn that it's centralized but nobody listens - it's so shiny and cool!

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I stopped using Spotify and replaced it with #Funkwhale a couple of years ago because Spotify suddenly stopped offering an album I'd had in my collection for a long time with no notice nor explanation.

Now I'm hearing that a bunch of podcasts are going Spotify exclusive as well, meaning that they are no longer actually podcasts and are not accessible to people in countries which Spotify does not serve.

Kill Spotify dead, frankly. Just the worst example of art distorted by tech.

Så härligt med fint väder, sol, värme!

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I've been thinking that working on marketing for libre projects would be awesome!

Is there anyone on the fediverse I could talk to about getting a leg into that industry?

And I'm not talking about just drawings and illustrations but graphics, photoediting and videos, and finally ideas / marketing strategies.

I think I could be a great asset to projects out there.

Please share!

#linux #libre #foss #floss #opensource #libregames #mastoart #art #creative toots

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New versions of glibc support the DNSSEC AD-Flag in DNS responses.

With this, Unix/Linux applications can be aware of DNSSEC validation without the need to implement their own DNS resolver


Det finns ju en marknad för nyproducerade Model M tagentbord, men finns det en marknad för möss som är retro fast de är nyproducerade?

Skulle jättegärna vilja byta ut min nuvarande mus på en retromus, och om man kunde få en skärm som är "90tals vit" på det också så hade det var guld!

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