@syntax @zanko I like that there is some options in it that doesnt exist in fennec, but some things make it impossible for me to change to it. first of all, it seems like I cant change the startpage and uMatrix doesnt work. i also found this [1] in it, and it also connects to these sites [2] just by boot my phone. i might be paranoid, but i just wanted to share what i found :D

1: c.noid.me/s/xPgKjW8zZQZjT3q
2: c.noid.me/s/47xRnr43RJGsoje

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igår upptäckte jag elogind, vilket kommer göra mitt liv lite lättare. kan inte förstå hur jag missat detta

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@syntax @zanko never tried the preview, too bad it isnt on f-droid. the dark mode is something i miss too

@syntax @zanko @duckduckgo I always prefer uMatrix which works for mobile too, while using fennec atleast

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There is no drama, no behind the scenes reason, but I resigned from Privacy Tools last night so that I can focus solely on ThinkPrivacy.

Gotta go all-in or nothing at all!

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I don't use snapchat, I hate twitter, can't stand reddit, imgur sucks, I got called an elitist because I hate facebook too, I think I saw a vine once, I don't use tiktok, I've never even tried instagram, the chans can go to hell, even youtube, which I spend dozens of hours on a week, I hate. they're all bad. corporate social media always sucks. im not sorry.

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I wonder how #Aerc compares to #Mutt. I've never used a terminal-based email client but it's something I've been wanting to do aerc-mail.org/

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How do we make ironic articles about the loss of privacy on websites that use spy trackers a thing of the past?

The duality of tech journals / online magazines / bloggers that advocate for #privacy yet are using #google #analytics, pervasive ad tracking (offline and online), etc. on their websites is an issue that may demand our attention.

What might help?

+ A code of conduct?
+ More vocal online protest?
+ Sharable “I won’t read your post because...” graphics?

Any ideas are welcome...

@rasmus oh, I was so tired yesterday that I didnt think about that, it looks like it was because of scrambled exif tho. I didnt know mastodon also removed exif data, thats great :)

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"Today we have released the long awaited KeePassXC 2.6.0. This release is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort from across our development team and dedicated contributors."


Get it here: keepassxc.org/download/

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the sky is on fire!

but why does mastodon (or tusky?) rotate it :(

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i want to destroy every single company working on self driving cars and use their resources to make better public transport

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@syntax since im no expert and have no idea what the issue might be, try ask in their chat chat.prosody.im :)

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